Frequently Asked Questions

What services will Leverage provide to restructured employees?
Leverage will provide one-to-one and group career counseling sessions to assess the employees' long-term career goals and create a realistic job search strategy. (In Japanese and/or English- depending on preferences). We also provide assistance in creating English and Japanese resumes, job applications, and cover letters. We are pro-active and provide hands-on assistance and support in identifying and contacting hiring managers who are the key-decision makers at companies currently hiring (companies are receiving hundreds of applications a day, so we fully recommend a pro-active, focused and aggressive approach). For those located in Tokyo, we provide office/work space, wi-fi internet connection, & administrative support. Program participants can access to our Mini-MBA program which is a weekly 3 hour class (held on a quarterly basis) focused on Sales & Marketing, Finance, Statistics, Strategy, and Human Resources (in Japanese only). Throughout the process we provide overall practical and emotional support until the candidates begin the next stage in their career. This process can often be distressing for candidates and we have Japanese Psychologist that can counsel program participants.
What is the general age range and level of experience of job seekers you assist in your "outplacement program"
We assist everyone from junior-level job seekers with 1-3 years experience up to senior level job seekers that are over 60 years old.
What is Leverage's industry expertise?
We are generalists and have no specific industry focus. We serve a variety of multi-national (both foreign and domestic) companies that are large publicly-listed, medium-sized privately held, and small start-up companies.
What are Leverage's value-added points vs. using a larger outplacement agency?
We believe each individual is unique and requires personalized support. We recommend a more focused approach and with our guidance and bilingual support, we firmly believe our services will help participants make a smooth and timely transition into the next stage of their career. Larger outplacement agencies generally offer a large database of online job listings. These same job listings are often easily found on the internet or major online job boards. Because the economy and job market is slow, those same job listings will often receive up to 20, 30 or 50 equally qualified applicants. The "Account Managers" at the large outplacement agency will be trying to fit a large number of job-seekers with a large number of job-openings (at companies which are receiving a large number of applicants from a variety of sources). The larger outplacement agency may offer support with resume/CV creation, but the real support in finding a new job they offer is generally not personalized or adequate. In some cases large outplacement firms are heavily involved in the recruitment business and the Account Managers who handle the recruitment accounts will be less motivated to help Outplacement Participants, because they will need to split the recruitment fees with their Outplacement Business Division. Because Leverage is not a large publicly-listed corporation, we don't have internal conflicts and we actually make it mandatory to give Outplacement Participants priority.